Acts 1 Jesus Ascends; Apostle Chosen

The book of Acts is designed to pick up the story after the ascension of Jesus back to heaven. It tells of the spreading of Christ’s message to the world. The first chapter begins with a reminder to the original recipient, Theophilus, of the closing part of the former writing. He mentions again Jesus’ promises to the apostles that the Holy Spirit would come upon them if they would wait there after He left them. The remainder of the chapter deals with a meeting they had while waiting. In this meeting, a replacement was chosen to succeed Judas who had betrayed Jesus. We are told what happened to Judas and how the replacement was selected. The new apostle was named Matthias.

  • Luke
  • The author

  • Theophilus
  • The original recipient

  • Jesus
  • Speaking to His apostles

  • The apostles
  • Hearing His last instructions and seeing Jesus ascend

  • 120 disciples including the apostles (vs.15)
  • Mount of Olives
  • Where Jesus ascends into heaven (v. 12)

  • Upper room in Jerusalem
  • Where the disciples met after Jesus’ ascension (vs.12-13)


The apostles were to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit’s power to come upon them.

Jesus clearly had a plan for the apostles to carry the gospel to the whole world.

There was a successor to Judas who died before the gospel was offered to man, but there have been no other successors to the apostles because they could not meet the qualifications.