Acts 28 Paul Arrives in Rome

As is true of every chapter in the book of Acts, opportunities to spread the gospel are seized upon by those who are believers. Following the shipwreck, Paul, Luke, and Aristarchus are stranded on Malta, but they see this as an occasion to confess the name of Jesus. Notable miracles were done when Paul suffered no harm after having been bitten by a viper and when he healed the father of Publius. After three months they sailed again and having landed went up to Rome. In Rome Paul lived by himself for two years receiving all who came and preaching Christ to many, including leaders among the Jews. The book ends without telling of Paul’s further work, but the gospel had been spread to the capital of their world.

  • Paul
  • Continued preaching the gospel all the way to and in Rome

  • Luke and Aristarchus
  • Paul’s companions throughout these events

  • Publius
  • A leading citizen of Malta.Jews in Rome

  • Malta
  • Where Paul had been shipwrecked

  • From Malta to Rome via Syracuse, Rhegium, Puteoli, and a 33 mile trip by land to Rome.

God used special miraculous events to create an atmosphere for acceptance of the gospel in the first century church before the written word was available to them.

All of us should use every opportunity, even under adverse circumstances, to obey and preach Christ.

All mankind (Jews and Gentiles) are granted God’s grace and admission to Christ’s church.