Acts 24 Paul Before Felix

Five days after Paul had been transferred from Jerusalem, the High Priest and elders brought an orator named Tertullus to Caesarea to make the case against Paul. Tertullus accused Paul of creating dissension, being the ringleader of a sect, and profaning their temple. He accused Claudius Lysias of taking Paul out of their hands with “great violence.” Paul denied the charges before Felix. He concluded saying that in fact he was being judged because of his views on resurrection from the dead. Felix adjourned the meeting allowing Paul some freedoms. He later listened to Paul speak about the gospel. He hoped that the Christians would give him money to release Paul. Felix held Paul at Caesarea for two years.

  • Tertullian
  • Orator speaking for the High Priest and elders

  • Felix
  • The Roman governor

  • Drusilla
  • Felix’ wife

  • Porcius Festus
  • Governor following Felix

  • Caesarea Maritima
  • Seat of Roman govern- ment in Palestine


There may be frequent false charges against God’s messengers.

Paul did good, like Jesus, rather than committing the crimes he was accused of. We should imitate that in our lives.

We must be preaching about righteousness, self-control, and judgment to come.