Acts 3 Peter Heals a Lame Man

Two apostles, Peter and John, went to the temple at the hour of prayer and met a beggar, a lame man, at the Gate Beautiful. When he asked for alms, Peter told him that he had no money but he would give him a gift in the name of Jesus. With that, he healed him and the man walked and praised God. This caused all the people to be amazed and gave Peter the opportunity to preach the gospel. We sometimes call this the second gospel sermon but this event may have been some time after Pentecost. The sermon again spoke of Jesus’ resurrection and the audience’s role in crucifying Him. He again told them to “repent” and said that Moses and all the prophets had told them that a new “Prophet” would come and should be heard.

  • Peter and John
  • Healed the lame man

  • Lame man
  • Healed

  • All the observers
  • Later heard Peter’s sermon

  • Jerusalem at the Temple
  • We do not know when this occurred. It could have been weeks or months after Pentecost.


The miraculous power exhibited by the apostles came from Jesus in heaven, not themselves.

The condition of forgiveness must begin with repentance from sin.

All the Jewish messengers of God before Jesus foretold of His authority to instruct and command.