Acts 25 Paul Before Festus

After the Jews had wanted Paul moved back to Jerusalem, Festus informed them that he would hear the case in Caesarea. Of course if they could return Paul to Jerusalem, they would harm him. The hearing took place and Paul again declared his innocence. When Festus offered a trial in Jerusalem, Paul felt that he must appeal to Caesar as a Roman citizen. Festus was obliged to grant that request. After a time, Agrippa and Bernice arrived in Caesarea and Festus, apparently seeking their advice, informed them of Paul’s case. Agrippa asked to hear Paul and a meeting was held. Festus publicly stated the case but desired to find something to be able to tell the Emperor about Paul and why he was being sent to Rome.

  • Festus
  • Roman governor

  • Paul
  • Apostle of Christ

  • King Agrippa II
  • Ruler of the Jews

  • Bernice
  • Agrippa’s wife

  • Jerusalem
  • Festus spoke to the Jewish leaders and heard their requests

  • Caesarea
  • Festus decided to hear Paul’s case in Caesarea and not at Jerusalem


The charges against Paul were bogus. His calm and reasoned response is worthy of imitation.

The examples of immorality and ungodly motives of the officials is despicable.

That Paul appealed to Caesar says that Christians may appeal for protection to civil authorities