Acts 4 Peter and John Arrested

This chapter is concerned with the reactions of the Jewish religious leaders to the events surrounding the healing of the lame man, including the growing number (about 5000) of disciples among the citizens. Peter and John were arrested and brought before the Jewish rulers. They were forbidden to speak in the name of Jesus. When they refused to obey, they were threatened but let go. They went back to fellow disciples and reported what had happened and all prayed for boldness to speak openly of Christ. We are also introduced here to Barnabas, a generous and effective disciple who will be important in the future. Many disciples helped those in need even to the point of selling property and bringing it to the apostles.

  • Peter and John
  • Arrested by authorities

  • Jewish Sanhedrin and perhaps other Jewish religious leaders
  • The disciples in Jerusalem
  • Barnabas
  • A generous disciple

  • Jerusalem

We must always do what is right before God even if men demand otherwise.

We must be bold in asserting the truth of the Gospel even in the face of adversity.

We must be generous and help to provide for those other Christians who are in need.