Acts 21 Paul Visits Jerusalem

Acts chapter 21, has three main parts. First, it provides the itinerary for Paul’s trip back to Jerusalem (1-14). Included is the time Paul spent at Caesarea in the house of Philip, the evangelist. While there, Agabus came down from Judea and warned Paul not to go to Jerusalem for he would be bound there and deliv-ered over to the Romans. Second, we are informed of Paul’s going to Jerusalem and talking with James and the elders there. They informed him of a vow taken by four men and they asked him to pay their expenses and be purified with them to show Jewish believers that he was not the lawless person they had been told he was. Third, it explains Paul’s arrest on charges that he took Greeks into the temple.

  • Paul
  • Traveling to Jerusalem

  • Philip
  • The evangelist in Caesarea

  • Agabus
  • The prophet from Jerusalem

  • James and the elders of the Jerusalem church
  • Convinced Paul to take a vow

  • Trophimus
  • An Ephesian disciple

  • The commander of the garrison at Jerusalem
  • Rescued Paul when the crowd attacked him

  • Paul's itinerary to Jerusalem
  • Cos, Rhodes, Patara, Cyprus, Tyre, Ptolemais, and Caesarea

  • In Jerusalem
  • With the elders of the church, in the temple where Paul is arrested


We must be ready to do God’s bidding whatever consequences may follow (v. 13).

We should be willing to do what we can conscientiously do to influence all for good in Christ

We should be ready to give a defense of our faith even in times of severe stress.