Acts 13 Paul's First Preaching Journey

The story of the spread of the gospel now moves to Antioch (in Syria) and on to Cyprus and the cities of central Asia Minor. Paul led three major evangelistic journeys. Chapters 13 and 14 record some of the events on the first of these travels. Barnabas and Saul are called to this work while ministering to the Lord alongside other prophets and teachers in Antioch. They will travel first to Salamis (in Cyprus) and then to another town named for Antiochus (in Pisidia, in a region of Galatia in Asia Minor). They preach first in the synagogue at Antioch. Paul spoke about Jewish history and how God’s promises pointed to Jesus. Many wanted to hear more, but the envious Jews opposed Paul and Barnabas and expelled them.

  • Barnabas, Simeon (Niger), Lucius, Manaen, and Saul
  • Prophets and teachers at Antioch

  • Barnabas and Saul
  • Sent out to preach

  • John Mark
  • Assisting them on Cyprus, departed from them at Perga

  • Bar-Jesus(Elymas)
  • A socerer at Paphos

  • Sergius Paulus
  • Proconsul at Paphos (Cyprus)

  • Antioch in Syria
  • Prophets and teachers there. Paul and Barnabas sent out

  • Salamis
  • City on Cyprus

  • Paphos
  • Port location on Cyprus

  • Perga
  • In Pamphilia, southern Asia Minor

  • Antioch in Pisidia
  • In central Asia Minor


God Himself superintended the spread of the gospel; the Holy Spirit called these men.

The apostles were enabled to do miracles which established the truth of what they said.

The history of the Old Testament Jews is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.