Acts 8 Church Scattered from Jerusalem

Acts 8 begins with a period of persecution against Christians by Saul. The preaching of Philip to people in Samaria follows. Many miracles were done which produced joy in that city. The church in Jerusalem sent Peter and John to lay hands on some brethren so that they could also do miracles. One of the believers named Simon, previously a sorcerer, maliciously desired to obtain the ability possessed by Peter and John to distribute miraculous power to others. He was severely rebuked and told to repent. Philip was then called to go toward Gaza where he would find an Ethiopian nobleman. He was to preach to him the gospel. When he did, the man was baptized and went on his way rejoicing.

  • Saul
  • Persecuting Christians

  • Philip
  • Preaching in Samaria

  • Simon
  • Believing and then selfishly sinning

  • Peter and John
  • going to Samaria to enable miracles there

  • Ethiopian
  • Receiving the gospel from Philip

  • Jerusalem
  • Burial of Stephen

  • Samaria
  • Gospel preaching and miracles

  • Road to Gaza
  • To the Southwest into former Philistine country; where the road back to Ethiopia took the nobleman


Gospel preaching includes knowing about the kingdom of God, the name (authority) of Jesus Christ, and baptism (v. 12)

The gift of God cannot be purchased with money (v. 20).

When Jesus is preached, men should believe in Him and be baptized (v. 34-38).