Acts 16 Paul's Second Preaching Journey

At the end of chapter 15, Paul and Barnabas decided to visit the churches where they had preached on the first evangelistic trip. Because of a disagreement about taking John Mark with them, they decided to go separately: Barnabas back to Cyprus and Paul back to the areas of Galatia. Paul took Silas with him and at Lystra added Timothy to their company. He was then called to go to Greece. This chapter zeroes in on events at Philippi in Macedonia. Two very different persons are led to Christ: Lydia, a religious woman and the jailor who was holding them prisoners. Paul and Silas were in jail because Paul had cast a spirit of divination out of her and cost her masters to lose their hope of profit from her.

  • Paul, Silas and Timothy
  • Going to visit churches and preach the gospel

  • Lydia
  • A seller of purple from Thyatira in Asia

  • Spirit possessed girl
  • Troubled Paul

  • Jailor
  • Converted after Paul’s deliverance

  • Magistrates
  • Wanted to see Paul and Silas leave

  • Phrygia and Galatia
  • Visited churches there

  • Macedonia
  • The northern province of Greece

  • Philippi
  • A city of Macedonia where Paul taught the gospel to Lydia and the jailor


The gospel was needed in more distant places (Macedonia) and God sent men there.

The gospel applies to both those we might expect (religious Lydia) and those we do not (jailor).

Both Lydia and the jailor were baptized, a necessary component of their salvation.