Acts 17 Paul Continues Preaching in Macedonia

After leaving Philippi in Macedonia, the evangelists went to Thessalonica. He taught for three weeks in the synagogue. Some Jews and many Greeks and prominent women believed. The Jews objected and created an uproar in the city. They charged the Christians with acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar. Paul and Barnabas left and went to Berea where they preached to fair-minded people. When the Jews again stirred up the crowds, Paul went on to Athens leaving Silas and Timothy at Berea. In Athens Paul confronted the philosophers and idolaters. He spoke of the nature of the true God and presented the gospel message concerning resurrection from the dead. A few joined him in believing in Jesus..

  • Paul, Silas and Timothy
  • Preachers

  • Jason
  • Resident of Thessalonica who served as host to the evangelists

  • Epicurean and Stoic philosophers in Athens
  • Dionysius and Damaris – believers in Athens
  • Amphipolis
  • A district capital in Macedonia 33 miles SSW of Philippi

  • Apollonia
  • 27 miles SSW of Amphipolis

  • Thessalonica
  • 35 miles west of Apollonia

  • Berea
  • 45 miles WSW of Thessalonica

  • Athens
  • capital of Attica in Achaia, 195 miles SSE of Berea


The mark of fair-mindedness is searching the Scriptures to determine if what one hears is true.

The living, spiritual God is very different in substantive ways from physical, man-made idols.

The assurance of the gospel lies in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.