Acts 9 Saul of Tarsus Converted

In this middle section of Acts, Luke leads up to the conversion of the first Gentile by telling of an Ethiopian’s faith (8) and the changing of a persecuting Jew named Saul (9). The roadblock to Saul’s attempted destruction of Christianity is the appearance of the Lord Himself. This startling turn of events is completed when a nervous Ananias is sent to Saul with the gospel message. After his conversion, Saul himself begins to preach Christ. After returning to the fearful disciples in Jerusalem, he is accepted first by Barnabas, then the apostles, and finally the church. He returns to Tarsus. Peter then performs two great miracles: the healing of Aeneas at Lydda and raising Dorcas (Tabitha) from the dead at Joppa.

  • Saul of Tarsus
  • Persecuting Christians, then converted to Christ and preaching

  • Jesus
  • Appearing to Saul

  • Ananias
  • Taking the gospel to Saul

  • Barnabas
  • Receiving Saul at Jerusalem

  • Peter
  • Healing Aeneas and raising Dorcas

  • On the road from Jerusalem to Damascus
  • Where Jesus appeared to Saul

  • Damascus, Syria
  • Straight street (v. 11)

  • Jerusalem
  • Saul to meet the church

  • Lydda
  • 25 mi. NW of Jerusalem on the plain of Sharon

  • Joppa
  • On coast of Israel south of Caesarea


There were things for Saul to do after he had seen the Lord but before his sins were washed away (9:6; 22:16).

The church at Jerusalem received Saul even after he had participated in the death of Stephen.

The church spread to all regions of Israel and the apostles continued to preach and do miracles.