Acts 26 Paul Before Agrippa

The official hearing before Agrippa is described in this chapter. Obviously, both the Roman and Jewish rulers realize that it makes no sense to send Paul to Rome without significant, sustainable charges against him. We might raise the question, why has Paul not been released seeing that there are no real charges? This is the third time (see chapters 9 and 22) for Paul’s conversion to be told in Acts. He then told of his post-conversion life as a preacher of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Upon hearing Paul’s defense, Festus responded that Paul was out of his mind. Agrippa responded, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.” Paul responded that he wished Agrippa was a Christian.

  • Paul
  • The defendant

  • Porcius Festus
  • The Roman governor

  • Agrippa II
  • The Jewish ruler

  • Caesarea
  • Before the Roman governor


The Gospel of Christ is in fulfillment of the promised and prophesied hope of Israel.

Paul’s mission was to open the eyes of the Gentiles to the gospel so that they could receive the blessings of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The gospel would have made Agrippa become a Christian if he received and obeyed it.