Acts 23 Paul Before the Sanhedrin

The following day, after the uproar, Paul was brought before the Jewish Council (22:30). Here he gives another impassioned defense (the second in two chapters). This leads to an altercation with the High Priest and then a division of the Council with some being Pharisees and some Sadducees. Again the commander, fearing that Paul would be harmed, takes him away and brings him back to the barracks. The following night a plot to take Paul’s life is revealed by Paul’s nephew. The commander determines to send Paul away from Jerusalem to Caesarea. That is accomplished at night and Paul sent into the oversight of Felix, the Roman Governor who says he will hear Paul’s accusers when they come.

  • The Council
  • Jewish priests, elders and scribes

  • Ananias
  • The High Priest

  • Paul's sister's son
  • Revealed the plot against Paul

  • Claudias Lysias
  • The commander at Jerusalem

  • Felix
  • The Roman governor

  • Jerusalem
  • Paul met with teh Council

  • Antipatris
  • Paul taken to this outpost the first night

  • Caesarea
  • Paul taken to this Roman seat of Jewish oversight the following day


It is good to be able to say that we have lived in all good conscience in out lives as Paul did.

The Pharisees were correct in their doctrinal views; closer to Christianity than the Sadducees.

Paul appealed to civil authorities for protection when he was in danger