Acts 19 Paul in Ephesus

Beginning with the last paragraph of chapter 18 (vss. 24-28), we have an account of Paul’s third mission-ary journey through Asia Minor and Greece. The events of chapter 19 tell of his time at Ephesus, the loca-tion at which he spent a total of three years (20:31). The chapter tells of his finding disciples who had not heard of the Holy Spirit (1-10). It explains that Paul did miracles there and converted many, including some who having practiced magic burned their books of great value. It tells of a great riot instigated by a craftsman who made shrines to the goddess Diana and intended to stop the preaching of the gospel. The city assembly came together and considered all these matters against Paul and the Christians.

  • Paul
  • Preaching to the people of Ephesus

  • Seven sons of Sceva
  • Exorcists, sons of a priest

  • Timothy and Erastus
  • Sent by Paul to Macedonia

  • Demetrius
  • A silversmith, leader of opposition

  • Gaius and Aristarchus
  • Paul’s Greek companions

  • Alexander
  • A Jewish leader in the assembly

  • Ephesus
  • A city on the west coast of Asia Minor where Paul established a local church

  • City theater
  • Where the last half of the chapter occurs - where the town assembly met


For salvation from sin, one must be baptized “in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

The miracles of the apostles were designed to cause people to call on the name of the Lord

The gospel may be met with strong opposition. Many find even civil venues to oppose Christians.