Acts 22 Paul Stands Before the Sanhedrin

Following Paul’s arrest and identification in chapter 21, the apostle gives his first defense speech. He declares himself to be a faithful Jew, one who has responded to the promises of God, and who is follow-ing the direction of the Messiah. He will go on to explain that because of the appearance of Jesus to him, he no longer persecutes Jewish Christians but rather he is a believer. In his defense speech, Paul speaks of his conversion and of his past Jewish efforts to persecute Christians. He recounts his calling to preach the gospel and to go to the Gentiles. That, of course, creates additional resentment among the Jews. Their reaction seems to border on violence and the captain takes Paul into the barracks.

  • Luke
  • Theophilus
  • Saul of Tarsus
  • Making a defense of his faith

  • Ananias
  • The preacher sent to Saul

  • Commander of the Roman forces in Jerusalem
  • Tried to determine what Paul had done

  • Jerusalem

Before becoming a Christian, Saul was both an Israelite and a citizen of Rome.

Salvation from sin comes through hearing the gospel and obeying it.

To become a Christian, one must be baptized and wash away his sins.