Acts 2 Gospel Preached in Jerusalem

Acts chapter 2 has been called “the hub of the Bible.” In this chapter one reads of the beginning of gospel preaching, the first participants in salvation in Jesus Christ, and the establishment of church. Everything before this in the Bible pointed forward to God’s kingdom. On this first Pentecost after the death of Jesus, the apostles received the Holy Spirit. They were enabled to preach the gospel and to confirm that it was from God by miracles (most conspicuously being enabled to speak in languages they had not learned). Having shown that Jesus is the Messiah, Peter told the people what to do to be saved (v. 38). Those who believed were added to the church and continued faithfully to worship God.

  • The Apostles
  • Receive power from the Holy Spirit

  • Jewish people
  • Present from many nations

  • Peter
  • Preached the first gospel sermon

  • 3000 persons
  • Were baptized

  • Believers
  • Continued praising God

  • The Lord
  • Added to the church

  • Jerusalem
  • Where the apostles waitied together in a house (some think in an apartment or room on the temple grounds)

  • Temple complex
  • Likely place where thousands gathered after the Holy Spirit was miraculously evidenced