Acts 7 Stephen's Sermon

Stephen, one of seven good men chosen to care for the widows in chapter 6, presents a lengthy message to the Jewish Council overseen by the High Priest. In this speech, he reminds them of the call of Abraham and the promises made to him. Then he recounts events surrounding the bondage in Egypt and deliverance by Moses. He tells how Israel rebelled against God by worshiping a golden calf. His message is directed toward properly respecting and worshiping God. He explains how their fathers had resisted the prophets and how they themselves had resisted the Holy Spirit in rejecting “the Just One” (Christ). They were incensed by Stephen’s message, cast him out of the city, and stoned him to death.

  • High Priest
  • Allows Stephen to speak to the council

  • Stephen
  • Addresses the Council and is stoned

  • Jesus
  • Stands at the right hand of God

  • Saul
  • Introduced at Stephen’s execution

  • Jerusalem

The history of the Jews points to God’s fulfillment of all His promises in Jesus Christ.

Even religious people may become hard hearted and refuse to hear the word of God.

In following Jesus’ and Stephen’s example, we should forgive our enemies (Matthew 5:44).