Acts 11 Peter's Explanation; Gospel Spreads to Antioch

The acceptance of Gentiles into the body of believers in Christ met opposition from Jews in Jerusalem. Peter explained what he had done in preaching to Gentiles by informing them of the vision he had seen, the appeal of those who came to the house where he was staying, and the actions of the Holy Spirit in enabling them to speak in tongues as the apostles had on Pentecost. Of course, they could not resist that evidence and so began to glorify God. The text then moves to the activities of Barnabas who took the gospel to Antioch (in Syria). Barnabas then went to Tarsus to bring him to Antioch. A prophet named Agabus from Jerusalem came to Antioch to inform them of a famine. The brethren sent relief to help them.

  • Peter
  • Returns to Jerusalem to explain about the acceptance of Gentiles

  • Christians
  • Scattered by persecution

  • Barnabas
  • Goes to Antioch to preach

  • Saul
  • Brought by Barnabas to Antioch

  • Agabus
  • Comes from Jerusalem to Antioch

  • Jerusalem
  • Peter returns to the church there

  • Antioch in Syria
  • Barnabas and Saul preach there

  • Judea
  • Benevolent relief sent to the churches there from Antioch


Peter confirmed to Jerusalem brethren the need for acceptance of Gentiles as equally Christians.

We see here the rapid spread of the gospel to new areas.

We learn from example the pattern for church benevolence.