Acts 27 Paul's Voyage to Rome

After the decision was made to take Paul to Rome, the journey began. They sail on a ship of Adramyt-tium from Caesarea to Myra (1-5). Then they sail on an Alexandrian ship from Myra until the shipwreck in Malta (6-44). Paul warned that travel was dangerous at that time, but he was ignored (9-12). When the storm came up, they tried desperately to secure the ship but their efforts were to no avail. An angel appeared to Paul telling him not to be afraid because he would be brought before Caesar in Rome. The soldiers planned to kill the prisoners, lest any escape, but the centurion wanted to save Paul and so all escaped safely to land. Paul spoke three times in this chapter (27:10; 21-26; 31; and 33-34).

  • Paul
  • Journey to Rome

  • Aristarchus and Luke with Paul
  • “us” (v.2)

  • Julius
  • Centurion in charge

  • 276 soldiers and prisoners on the second trip
  • Caesarea to Sidon to Cyprus to Cilia and Pamphilia to Myra under Crete to Fair Havens
  • From Crete driven by winds for 14 days up and down the Adriatic Sea until finally wrecked on Malta

Paul was encouraging and helpful to the centurion and crew even as a prisoner on this ship.

God was protecting Paul because he had a mission to preach the gospel for him at Rome.

The Providence of God saved Paul not only from the storm but also from the soldiers who desired to kill all the prisoners.