• Introduction to Luke Most agree that a man named Jesus lived on the earth during the first century. Was he just a man? Was he the Son of God? Each one of us must decide for ourselves based on the evidence. Luke wrote an orderly account of significant events in the life of Jesus. He was a serious historian (Luke 1:1-4) and provided a historical narrative about Jesus. Whether or not you believe his evidence came from God (and we do), it is first-rate and deserves consideration. Reading the Gospel of Luke is beneficial. If you have never done it, you need to. If you have read it before, you will learn more by reading it again.

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  • Introduction to Luke
    Why studyluke.com? Of course, you can pick up a Bible and start reading Luke"s gospel on your own — and that reading is the most important part of this study. We have simply added some free resources to supplement your own reading and study, not replace it. For each chapter, we provide a reading guide, a study guide and a chapter summary. These resources provide a three-fold approach to meaningful study of this great gospel — read, research and review — our three R"s. They provide a simple, straightforward method by which to study Luke"s gospel and make the most of your effort.

    Read the text — read the entire chapter, getting a sense of what is in it

    Research the text — study the details to see what they mean and how they apply

    Review the text — remember the key points in the chapter

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  • Introduction to Luke
    Designed to be Helpful
    Our resources are designed to support your reading and study.

    Study in the privacy of your home or office anytime — day or night.

    Take your time or move quickly. You decide when to read and study each chapter.

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    Our desire is for you to read and understand God"s word for yourself.

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