Luke 9 Training the Apostles

This chapter is filled with miracles interspersed with lessons from the Savior. It begins with Jesus sending out His disciples on their own to preach and heal in the cities of Galilee. When they returned to Jesus, a multitude of about 5000 persons heard Him preach. At the end of the day, Jesus miraculously fed all those people by multiplying five loaves and two fish. Following that, Peter affirmed that Jesus is the Christ of God and Jesus predicted His death and resurrection. That confession was proven when Jesus was transfigured before three apostles and God announced that Jesus is His beloved Son. There follows the healing of a boy and Jesus lessons on humility and the cost of discipleship.

  • Twelve apostles
  • Sent to preach and heal

  • Herod
  • This is Herod Antipas

  • Peter, James and John
  • At Jesus’ transfiguration

  • Moses and Elijah
  • Appeared at transfiguration

  • A man whose son was possessed by a demon
  • James and John offer ot command fire to consume
  • Jerusalem
  • Zacharias served in Jerusalem in the temple

  • Villages of Galilee
  • Jesus sent apostles to preach

  • A deserted place near Bethsaida(10)
  • Transfiguration at Mt. Tabor or Mt. Hermon
  • A village of the Samaritans
  • On the road toward Jerusalem (57)

Jesus is truly the Son of God and His word should be followed and not previous pronouncements.

Jesus says a man must “deny himself.” More than just denying something to himself, Jesus wants us to deny “self” as our master and accept Jesus as our Master.

We should not let anything come before our spiritual commitment and our duty to God.