Luke 8 A Parable and Progress

Luke often speaks of women with special respect and with appreciation for their faithfulness to Christ. At the beginning of chapter 8 he mentions several by name. Not only does Jesus tell a parable about a man who sowed seed on several kinds of ground; but he also explains the meaning of the parable. After this, His mother and brothers come to Him, but he wants all to understand who he considers His real family to be. One day Jesus was crossing the lake and a windstorm came up. Jesus spoke out and the wind ceased. He also healed a demon possessed man and a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. Again, Jesus raised the dead. This time, it was a young girl whose father, Jairus, was a ruler of a synagogue.

  • The twelve and some women: Mary Magdalene; Joanna, wife of Chuza; and Susaana, Jesus' mother and brothers..
  • Legion
  • A demon possessed man

  • Jairus and his daughter who had died.
  • Priest, father of John the Baptist

  • A woman with a hemorrhaging health issue.
  • Every city and village of Galilee (v. 1, 4).
  • A windstorm came up when Jesus was in a boat on the Sea of Galilee..
  • Gadarene country
  • On the southeast side of the Sea of Galilee (v. 26)

  • Capernaum
  • Probably where healings took place


What is in our hearts determines how we receive and remain faithful to the Word of God.

Jesus has power over all evil and all evil spiritual beings.

We should remember that our spirit returns to the care and keeping of God when we die. It does not remain in our physical bodies.