Luke 7 Dead Raised, Sin Forgiven

This chapter begins with two great miracles. First, Jesus heals a servant of a Roman soldier. The story is especially noteworthy because of the humble and charitable nature of the centurion. Jesus marveled at the faith of this man. Second, Jesus raises a boy from the dead. Jesus’ compassion for the mother of this boy is impressive. We are told in this chapter also about the relationship of the ministry of John the Baptist and that of Jesus. Jesus confirms the role of John as a great prophet of God who was preparing the way for Him. Later in the chapter, a sinful woman is forgiven by Jesus and the Lord takes that occasion to explain how love and forgiveness may be tied to each other. .

  • A centurion
  • His dear servant was about to die.

  • A widow of Nain
  • Her only son had died.

  • Disciples of John
  • Sent to Jesus to confirm Him to be the “Coming One.”

  • Pharisee named Simon
  • Asked Jesus to a meal

  • A sinful woman
  • Jesus forgave her

  • Capernaum
  • A city on the north coast of the Sea of Galilee.

  • Nain
  • A village 15 miles southwest of Tiberias near the eastern end of the Valley of Esdraelon at Mt. Moreh.


By Jesus’ miracles, we glorify God and recognize that God has visited His people (vs. 16).

Those who receive the words of Jesus will be baptized and follow Him.

In this chapter we learn that Jesus acted in forgiving sins and offering salvation as the Son of God.