Luke 6 Jesus' Early Teaching

This chapter contains some of Jesus early teaching to the multitude in Galilee. It begins with His correcting some of their criticisms about His activities on the Sabbath day. It was not sinful to eat on the Sabbath day or to do good on that day. In this chapter, Jesus also chooses his twelve apostles. He proceeds then to preach to the multitudes. He tells who is blessed in God’s kingdom and upon whom God’s disfavor will come. He stresses that His disciples are to love everyone, even their enemies. And His disciples are to refrain from condemning others. Instead, disciples of Christ are to forgive. All of this is involved in bearing good fruit in one’s life and building our lives on a solid foundation.

  • Jesus
  • Teaching the people

  • Scribes and Pharisees
  • Seeking to find an accusationagainst Jesus

  • The twelve newly selected apostles of Jesus
  • A multitude of people from Judea, Jerusalem, and teh seacoast of Tyre and Sidon.
  • In the grainfields on a Sabbath
  • In a synagogue on a Sabbath
  • On a mountain where Jesus prayed
  • On a level place where He taught the crowd

Jesus is “Lord of the Sabbath;” i.e., He has all divine authority. His rulership extends beyond all traditions and prescriptions of man.

The qualities of character required by Jesus bring great reward in heaven though not appreciated by many in this life. If we build on a solid foundation, our lives will be secure with God.

Our attitudes toward others should be loving and forgiving, just as Jesus was loving and forgiving.