Luke 4 Jesus' Ministry Begins

This chapter begins with Jesus going into the wilderness. He is there for forty days during which he ate nothing. At the end of that time, the devil came to him and approached him with three specific tempta-tions. Jesus did not give in and responded each time with Scripture. Jesus then went into Galilee and taught in the synagogues. He returned to His hometown of Nazareth and read a prophecy from Isaiah. When the people perceived that He was applying this writing to Himself, they became angry and tried to harm Him. He then went to Capernaum where He did many miracles. Then He went to other cities preaching in the synagogues..

  • Jesus
  • Tempted before beginning his teaching

  • The Devil
  • Tempted Jesus

  • Nazarenes
  • People in synagogue at Nazareth

  • Simon's wife's mother
  • Healed of a high fever

  • Wilderness of Judea
  • A southern region where Jesus was tempted.

  • Galilee
  • The northern region where Jesus began his ministry.

  • Nazareth
  • Jesus’ hometown

  • Capernaum
  • Where Jesus healed many


We will all be tempted by the devil as Jesus was. We should respond as He did by gaining strength from God’s Word to resist and maintain our faithfulness to God and what is right.

Jesus was the Messiah, the one who would fulfill the prophecies bring deliverance to God’s people.

Jesus was unique in His healing adn in His preaching. Both showed that He was from God.