Luke 23 Jesus' Crucifixion

Included in the next to last chapter of Luke one finds the appearances of Jesus before Roman officials, his crucifixion, and burial. The noble character of Jesus is contrasted to the total injustice of the actions taken against Him. Jesus is first brought before Pontius Pilate (vss. 1-5); then before Herod Antipas (6-11); and finally back to Pilate (11-25). While before Pilate the second time, an offer was given to the Jews to release a well-known criminal named Barabbas. When Jesus was delivered for crucifixion, a man named Simon was conscripted to carry His cross. Once at Calvary, Jesus was nailed to the cross and after about six hours, He died. He was buried in a tomb owned by a name named Joseph before the Jewish Sabbath.

  • Pontius Pilate
  • Roman Governor

  • Herod Antipas
  • King of the Jews

  • Barabbas
  • A known rebel leader and murderer

  • Simon, a Cyrenian
  • Chosen to carry Jesus’ cross

  • Roman soldiers
  • Crucified Jesus

  • Joseph of Arimathea
  • Buried Jesus’ body

  • Jerusalem
  • Jesus was taken to Pilate’s venue there

    He was then taken to Herod’s palace

    He was sent back to Pilate’s quarters

  • Golgotha or Calvary
  • Where Jesus was then taken for crucifixion north of the city

  • Joseph's tomb
  • Where Jesus was buried nearby


Jesus was unjustly convicted after being pronounced innocent by the ruling authority.

Jesus forgave even his most violent enemies.

Jesus died and was buried to fulfill His mission in coming to earth.