Luke 21 Destruction of Jerusalem

Some relate the first incident involving a righteous widow to the controversies of the preceding chapter. Certainly, it follows directly the exchanges with the religious leaders, no doubt on the same day. The occasion involving a woman at the treasury is focused, however, on the motive and sacrifice involved in giving to God rather than upon sectarian parties or beliefs. The widow is contrasted with any person with wealth who does not have the same spirit. The remainder of the chapter deals with the destruction of the Temple and the end of the Jewish nation and age. This is the last “recorded” public address of Jesus before his crucifixion, although it appears He taught the next morning in the temple (37-38).

  • A widow at the Temple
  • Gave two mites

  • Some at the Temple
  • Asked Jesus questions

  • Jesus
  • Answered their questions

  • Jerusalem
  • At the Temple


The widow gave little in monetary value, but she gave more than others who only gave part of their possessions.

The fall of Jerusalem should be symbolic to us of what will happen to the nation that rejects God.

All should watch and pray and be ready whenever God’s judgment comes.