Luke 20 Confrontation with Jewish Leaders

Chapter twenty provides a record of three very direct and deliberate confrontations of Jesus with the Jewish leaders in the temple grounds. Members of the Sanhedrin questioned His personal authority (vs. 1-8), Pharisees interrogated Him about His political position (vs. 20-26), and Sadducees challenged Him on His religious views (vs. 27=40). The form of their attacks in each case was inquisition. By questioning, they were shielded from having to answer to the people for their own positions and from any sympa-thetic backlash resulting from their part in direct confrontation. If they could catch Jesus in some self-contradiction, or religious error, they thought they would discredit Him with the people.

  • The elders, chief priest adn scribes
  • Make up the Sanhedrin, the Jewish high court

  • Pharisees
  • The conservative sectarian party

  • Sadducees
  • Sectarian party that did not believe in resurrection and spiri

  • Scribes
  • Protectors of the Law in Israel.

  • Jerusalem
  • Around the temple


It is my responsibility to pay my taxes but I must also give to God my service and adoration.

There is resurrection and life to come.

Jesus Christ is the eternal Messiah who saves the world.