Luke 2 The Birth of Jesus

This chapter begins by telling us when and under what circumstances Jesus was born. After his birth, angels appear to shepherds near Bethlehem. Later, Jesus is circumcised and presented to God in the temple. Two older Jewish believers, Simeon and Anna recognize the baby Jesus as the one they had looked forward to coming. After this Jesus is taken to Nazareth where He grows up with His parents. At the age of twelve, Jesus goes to Jerusalem with Joseph and Mary for a Passover feast. When the parents start home, Jesus stays behind and goes to the temple. There he talks to the teachers. They were amazed. After three days, his parents found him and he told them why he had stayed.

  • Joseph
  • Mary’s husband; Jesus’ male guardian

  • Mary
  • Jesus’ mother; Joseph’s wife

  • Angels
  • Sent to praise Jesus at His birth

  • Shepherds
  • Those told of Jesus’ birth

  • Simeon
  • A devout believer who blesses them

  • Bethlehem
  • Zacharias served in Jerusalem in the temple

  • Fields near there
  • where angels appear to the shepherds

  • Jerusalem
  • where they go to the Temple

  • Nazareth in Galilee
  • where Jesus grew up


Mary and Joseph were conscientious, law-abiding, religious people. They went under extreme circumstances to pay taxes. They observed all Jewish laws concerning Jesus’ birth and early life.

Jesus’ coming into the world was the fulfillment of prophecy and a source of glory to God.

John the Baptist was to go before Jesus to prepare His ways (76).