Luke 18 A Prayer Parable; Rich Young Ruler

Included in the teaching of the eighteenth chapter of Luke are a series of two parables on prayer and a prophecy of Jesus’ death in Jerusalem. These special discussions follow the tings Jesus had said in the preceding chapter about coming judgment upon the nation. They are designed to bring comfort by the rhetorical conclusion, “Will not God avenge His own elect…when the Son of Man comes?” These messages offer wisdom and understanding to those who would prepare for judgment. Jesus first called upon the righteous to pray, persistently and humbly, in view of these coming events. Of course, His messages provide great instruction for mankind in many other circumstances in all centuries and generations.

  • Jesus is telling parables:
  • A widow seeking justice from an unjust judge.

    A Pharisee and a humble publican.

  • Little children brought to Jesus
  • A rich ruler
  • Peter
  • Conversing with Jesus

  • A blind man
  • Receives his sight

  • Near Jericho
  • Jesus was coming close to this city, near the Jordan River east of Jerusalem (v. 35)


The Lord ultimately takes care of those who humbly trust in Him.

We should care for the poor and be willing to sacrifice our possessions to help them.

Jesus knew before his crucifixion that He would be abused and killed, but He did that for us nonetheless.