Luke 17 Teaching on the Kingdom

Luke chapter 17 contains a variety of teaching methods (parable, prophecy, miracle, etc.), responses to the people (warnings, correction, encouragement, etc.), and messages (faith, thanksgiving, kingdom, etc.). All, however, are intended to present the nature of the kingdom and the manner and quality of life required of a citizen loyal to the King, Christ Jesus. Luke first speaks of kingdom faithfulness and duty (1-10). Then Jesus addresses the need for gratitude by telling of ten lepers, only one of whom return to thank Jesus for cleansing them (12-19). Then he explains the judgment of God and the end of the Jewish age (22-37).

  • Jesus and His disciples
  • Ten lepers whom Jesus healed
  • Some Pharisees who asked Jesus about the kingdom
  • Passing through Samaria and Galilee as Jesus went toward Jerusalem (vs. 11).

My duty is to always be ready to forgive my brother who sins against me if he repents.

I should always be thankful and ready to express appreciation for the great blessings of God.

Judgment against sin and rejection of God’s will is always terrible as it was against God’s people in Jerusalem.