Luke 16 Unjust Steward, Rich and Poor

Chapter sixteen begins with a parable of a steward caught wasting the goods of his master. When the master required accountability, the steward went to the master’s debtors and reduced their obligations so they would take him in when he was fired. The steward is commended for his shrewdness, but he was unfaithful to his master. The Pharisees ridiculed Jesus for what He said, but they were simply justifying themselves. Jesus then told of a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus who died. In the afterlife, their roles were reversed. The rich man asked that the beggar be sent back to warn his brothers, but he was told that if they would not hear God’s word, they would not be persuaded by Lazarus’ returning.

  • A rich man
  • Absentee landlord

  • An unfaithful steward
  • The Pharisees
  • A rich man
  • He dies and goes to torment

  • A beggar
  • He dies and goes to Abraham’s bosom

  • Locations are not specified

We should use our earthly resources to secure heavenly treasures and do good for others.

We should take seriously Jesus’ teaching on divorce and remarriage and secure our marriages.

We should listen to God’s word while we have life and make adjustments before it is too late.