Luke 14 Humility and Cost of Discipleship

This chapter centers around Jesus’ teaching on humility and giving all to follow Christ. It begins with Jesus healing a man of “dropsy.” Then Jesus told two great parables. The first is teaching that one should be humble and not presume to take the most prominent seat at a wedding feast. The second relates to those who make feeble excuses for refusing to come to a great supper given by the Lord. Others will take their place and they will be left out. Jesus then explains that we must be willing to leave all else and follow Him. Christ must come first in our lives; otherwise, we cannot be His disciple.

  • A man with dropsy
  • Pharisees and lawyers
  • The house of one of the rulers of the Pharisees

God gives grace to the humble; He resists the proud.

Jesus must be put first in our lives in all things. We must be willing to forsake anything else for Him.

Making excuses for unfaithfulness and unwillingness only makes matters worse.