Luke 13 Jesus' Concern for His People

The thirteenth chapter presents the great concern of Jesus for those who were identified as God’s people but who failed to remain in close relationship with Him. This type person refuses to repent and bear fruit for the Lord. Those of His day also rejected Him as God’s Son. This concern is expressed in a number of statements, in a miracle, and in several parables: a statement of the choice to repent or perish (1-5); the parable of the barren fig tree (6-9); the healing of a crippled woman (10-17); the parables of mustard seed and leaven (18-21); the illustration of entering by the narrow door (22-30); and Jesus’ own lament over the city of Jerusalem because it was God’s city and the people in it were rejecting God’s Son (31-35).

  • Jesus
  • Teaching and lamenting over Jerusalem

  • Jerusalem
  • Pilate killing Galileans

  • Siloam
  • Tower fell on 18 killing them

  • A synagogue
  • Where the infirmed woman came

  • Cities and villages on the way from Galilee to Jerusalem (vs.22)

All must repent because all have sinned (see Romans 3:23; Acts 2:38). We must also bear fruit.

God’s kingdom began small but continues to grow into a great spiritual body.

We must be prepared because at any time our door may be shut and we refused entrance to a place with God.