Luke 12 Personal Challenges and a Parable

Luke chapter twelve brings us some of the very personal teaching of Jesus. It both instructs and encour-ages those who wish to be His followers. Those willing to confess Him need not be afraid of others because God will care for them. Neither do we need to worry about the things of life because God pro-vides what is needed. There are two parables in this chapter. The first (v. 13-21) is about a man who put his trust in earthly riches but is told he will die and all his wealth will be given to others. The second (v. 35-40) encourages disciples to always be faithful and keep their lives ready for the Lord to come.

  • An innumerable multitude
  • A rich man who is foolish (in a parable
  • Two servants (one faithful and one evil-parable)
  • Not stipulated ... somewhere in Galilee

We should be willing to confess Jesus before men and not reject God’s will..

We should trust God, not holding on to worldly possessions or worrying about our needs.

We should be vigilant and not careless as we continue our lives and wait for the Lord to come.