Luke 11 Reaction to Jesus' Teaching

One’s relationship to God involves communicating with Him in prayer. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and Jesus gave instruction on the content and spirit of acceptable prayer (1-13). Some of His critics accused Jesus of alliance with Beelzebub. He logically declared that such could not be true because Satan would not be divided against himself by helping Jesus cast out devils from the people (14-26). With that, Jesus returned to emphasizing that all people must not only hear God’s word but also do it. An evil generation is condemned; therefore, we should be bright lights to the world (27-36). The last part of the chapter condemns the Pharisees and lawyers because of their hypocrisy (37-54).

  • The Disciples
  • Asked Jesus to teach them to pray

  • The Pharisees and Lawyers
  • Condemned as hypocrites

  • A certain place (v. 1)
  • The location is not stated. If the events of this chapter took place soon after the visit to Mary and Martha’s house at Bethany, then perhaps in or near Jerusalem. This might also be indicated by the Pharisees and lawyers.


God wants us to pray persistently and then have faith and trust Him to give what is best (1-13).

Jesus can cast out evil from our lives; but we must hear and keep His word (14-36).

God hates hypocrisy. Study the ways in which the Pharisees were hypocritical (37-54).