Luke 10 Jesus Turns Toward Jerusalem

Jesus sent out seventy others into the cities of Galilee to heal the sick and to announce that the kingdom had come near to them. They were to go in pairs without provisions and depend on the people to provide for them. Those who would not receive them would be cursed. They returned overjoyed by the response. After that, a lawyer came to Jesus and asked what to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus asked him what the Law said. It said to love God and neighbor. Jesus then told him the parable of the Good Samari-tan. Jesus went to the house of Mary and Martha. Martha was distracted with her serving duties but Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His words. Mary had chosen the better thing to do.

  • Seventy disciples
  • Sent out to teach and heal

  • A lawyer
  • Asked how to inherit eternal life

  • A Samaritan
  • Helped a wounded man

  • A priest and a Levite
  • Did not help the wounded

  • Mary and Martha
  • Sisters, friends of Jesus

  • Cities of Galilee
  • Jesus sent His disciples there

  • The road from Jerusalem to Jericho
  • Where the Good Samaritan story takes place


All must receive Jesus. Those who reject Him will be judged.

Our neighbor is anyone who comes into our experience; particularly if he/she has need.

The most important choices in life are those that emphasize spiritual well-being.